Revealed: How State FAs Rip Off Grassroots Clubs/Players

Recent investigations by have revealed how state Football Associations which are supposed to be helping their affiliate clubs and their young players develop, instead end up ripping them off before they can provide tasks as simple as writing to the Nigeria Football Federation to give a letter of attestation to an affiliate club’s player to enable him apply for a visa for trials.

Recently, an intermediary acting on behalf of a grassraoots club in an Eastern state that has two clubs in the Glo Premier League requested the State FA to assist with a letter of introduction to the NFF so he could be issued a Letter of Attestation for the player but to his shock and amazement the State FA Secretary told him that the standard price is N100, 000 but that he should bring N50, 000. Finally, he asked him to provide N20, 000.

“It’s terrible. The height of corruption,” lamented the intermediary who is a lawyer by profession. ” How do they want grassroots clubs to function? How do they want young players to blossom? Demanding so much for just a letter
to the NFF. No guarantee that NFF will issue the letter. No Guarantee that the player will get the visa, or pass the trials. Yet the heartless state FA exploited her affiliate club. It’s disheartening!”

“Soon after I spoke with the State FA Chairman and told him that the N20, 000 they are demanding of me is too much and he said that is the standard. The duty of State FA’s is to help their affiliate clubs and young players develop but instead they are ripping them off. Something has to be done about this. It has to stop.
“Despite my pleas, they insisted on the N20, 000 and I paid and demanded a receipt which they issued me. It is really pathetic. What happens to the next player or grassroots club that cannot afford to pay this?” he queried.