Drama, Intrigues as Abia Warriors Aim To Shoot Down FC Ifeanyi Ubah Today

There has been so much drama and intrigue around the rescheduled Week 34 Glo NPFL match between Abia Warriors and FC Ifeanyi Ubah of Nnewi and the game promises to be as much a cracker on the field as it has been off the field.

Abia Warriors play their home games at the Umuahia Township Stadium and the game was originally billed to be played there but papilonews.com gathered that high level wheeling and dealing and suspected pulling of strings by FC
Ifeanyi Ubah saw the game almost shifted to Enugu.

The game was originally scheduled to be played on Sunday 4th September but in a sudden twist it was announced that the game had been postponed till Wednesday to enable the LMC inspect the pitch.This announcement came after rumours had circulated that the game had been shifted to the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium Enugu.

The LMC inspection team came and inspected the Umuahia Township Stadium and found it fit to host the game yet the visitors battled tooth and nail to move the game from Umuahia. As of 3pm on Tuesday, the FC Ifeanyi Ubah
players had not left Nnewi, as they waited in vain to receive notification that the game had been shifted from Umuahia.

Mr. Barry Yellow Emezi, a die hard fan of Abia Warriors pointed accusing fingers at FC Ifeanyi Ubah for trying to destabilise the team in a chat ith papilonews.com. “While it can be admitted that the turf at the Umuahia Township Stadium is not the best in the country, yet it is not as bad as it is being portrayed and it is there for everyone to see. We have played our home matches there and Enyimba did so too till they decided to move to Port Harcourt. Abia Comets in the NNL  also play their home matches there. The Ifeanyi Ubah people are only trying to be smart but thank God we have a chairman like High Chief Emeka Inyama  who knows the game inside out. He is not a pushover and he ensured that the  ploy of the enemy to take the game away from Umuahia did not work,” he
revealed angrily.

After it was confirmed that the game was to be played in Umuahia, fresh news  soon broke out that some players in Abia Warriors had been compromised as  their opponents had given them huge sums of money not to gve their best.

However, captain of Abia Warriors FC Austin Obaroakpo said such rumours could not hold any water as he and his troupes were too devoted to the task to  attempt throwing the game.

“The team is committed to our task to prevent Abia Warriors from relegation and we will start by beating FC Ifeanyi Ubah round and square. None of my  team mates would ever dare accept one penny to sabotage Abia Warriors. Not
for one kobo, not for all the dollars in the world. This rumour has pumped us up and now we are determined to beat them silly today.”