Trouble Brews In Heartland As Goodfaith Etuemena Led Factional Management Set To Announce Their Own Coach

Hopes of Heartland FC of Owerri fans to see their darling team make an instant return to the NPFL Premier League next season may be a pipe dream as the same management tussle that played a big part in the relegation of the Naze millionairaes is still rearing its ugly head and threatens to mar the team’s preparations for next season.

In December 2015, with the team in free fall amidst allegations of financial malpractices under the administration of Prince Okechukwu Ibeh, Hon Ugonna ozuruigbo the Imo State House of Assembly Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Imo State Task Force on Sports had to wade in and take over control of the team. Thereafter he appointed erstwhile team secretary Oscar Keke as the General Manager/CEO of the Club.

However, in July the Task Force appointed Mr. Goodfaith Etuemena as  Executive Chairman of Heartland Football Club of Owerri with the team deep in relegation waters. Unfortunately the team got relegated and once again, there was a cabinet reschuffle which did not remove  Mr. Goodfaith Etuemena entirely but he was assigned a new position.

Mr. Goodfaith Etuemena rejected this, and has since then been at daggers drawn with the deputy Speaker, a situation with greatly jeopardizes the team’s preparation for next season.

Yesterday, Hon Ozuruigbo announced the appointment of Emmanuel Deutsch as the ned Heartland coach, but feelers reaching has it that Mr. Goodfaith Etuemena is also planning to unveil his own coach very soon.

Where this crises will lead Heartland FC, no -one really knows but Heartland FC fans need to pray hard for their team as a house divided in itself cannot stand.