About Papilonews.com

About us

Papilo News is an online sports media/news company specialising in online news publishing for the sports industry.

Papilo News features a web-based platform that utilises news and updates about leagues, teams and athletes for sports across the globe.

The birth of Papilo News

In February 2016, Papilo News was launched.

Sport is more than a hobby; it’s a ‘language’ that defies borders, languages and cultures. Sport unites us, gives us something in common, breaks down the boundaries and gives us hope. Hope for a better future with sports being the catalyst of change.

We have a team of dedicated editors who bring fans breaking and daily news from across the globe with content that’s moulded to meet our reader’s sporting interests and fascinations.

We strive to provide accurate news in real-time, referencing reputable sources delivered to you wherever and whenever.

Papilo News will be at your fingertips whether you are at work, using public transport or at home. Keeping you up to date on everything that is happening both locally and internationally in the world of Sports.

Sport is multi-faceted in nature; therefore, we cover the lifestyle, fashion and business aspects of this ever-growing industry so that the reader is kept in the know both on and off the pitch. We are constantly expanding our team to ensure we cover as much of the continent and beyond as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the portal for all sporting interactions. We believe in building robust social networks as this is essential in publishing sports news, which will give us the opportunity to engage with a broader audience.

Delivering quality information to our audience has been our primary aim since 2016. With growing evidence that fans have moved away from the traditional way of consuming sports, we must strive to create an interactive environment where there is instant two-way communication between our readers and us.

To offer customized content with the use of tags and subcategories for our readers and for us to increase the level of traffic and engagement.

To develop a monitoring mechanism for responding to readers’ voices on social media in order for us to create a high level of customer satisfaction and fan relations. We wish to be a positive change in the education of tomorrow’s sports journalists and collaborate and further equip the current ones.

Papilo News distils an environment where we treat others with respect, creating an environment where abuse and hateful conduct will not be tolerated. Our environment does not allow for external self-promotion or the selling of goods or services.

Our Pillars of Strength


Without our SB ‘warriors’ and you, our fans, we are nothing. United we work and together, we celebrate.


We emphasize transparency, openness and impartiality by researching our sources and facts before publishing to avoid using misleading or clickbait headlines.


We stick to the “do no harm” policy, show the world in its diversity and never justify violence.


We cover the most trending and significant topics in the sports landscape with local and international news to enrich readers’ everyday lives.


We aim to be the front runners in adapting and using new cutting-edge technology to create the newsfeed