Woman Wept Bitterly After Her Friends Refused To Show Up On Her Baby Shower

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It so painful when you the people you trust and acknowledge as your friends and family disappoints you when you need them most. Such act can lead to depression, heartbreak etc.

The woman in the video is a victim of what I’m trying to talk about, She was left in a state of despair and heartbreak after her friends and and family refuse to show up on the day of her well planned baby shower.

According to mirror, no one attended the event which her best friend helped her to prepare very well. Her best friend took to TikTok to share the news of the empty seats which were meant to be filled in the occasion. The caption read: “People can be cold. She deserves so much more.”

The expectant mother was left in tears as she kept receiving messages of regrets and apology from her friends.

Now the question is, could it be that all her friends forgot, or she didn’t send the invitation well or her friends just planned to ditch her on the day they’re supposed to celebrate with her.

South African Turns His Single Room Apartment To A “Palace” of His Own, Video Is Getting Lots Of Attention

Sometimes in life, what makes you great is the ability to turn a small thing/opportunity you have into a great empire. Only believing in yourself that you can do it and keep striving.

A South African man named Gabriel Tsotetsi have left social media users thrilled over how he managed to turn a small rented single-room into a ‘palace’ of his own.

Pictures of the room transformation posted on a popular Facebook group left the group members so thrilled that kept on dropping comments of praises for this young guy.

Unathi Maunie Nyubuse said, “Very neat”, while Dipuo Mgijima-kubyana said, “The fact that the space is small but it’s nice and clean”. Mimih Seobe Mafeka added, “Nice and clean. And the room seems small, eish. I wished you should get a bigger room so that you will have space. But still looking nice.”

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